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Adaptability, Feature Customization

Ture customization comes when you can adapt a solution completely to your needs.  Using Toshiba's FeatureFlex™ adaptability tool, the Strata CIX™ with integrated Media Application Server (MAS), provides you a revolutionary way of personalizing your telephone system with just the right capabilities.

Toshiba Feature Flex
Modify Features and Create New Ones

FeatureFlex adaptability and feature customization tools provide a level of next-generation flexibility you've probably only dreamed about.  Tailor your system well beyond the standard system and administrative options and basic programmable features-modify existing features or create new ones.  And not just CIX call processing, but blended features that work between all system applications and resources.  This includes voice mail, CTI applications, and more.  An easy to use script editor works with the Strata CIX and MAS to interpret code, process functions, follow custom routing, and more.


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