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Video Communication Solutions (VCS™)

Video Communication Solutions (VCS)

Video Communication and collaboration

Toshiba has made video applications virtually as easy to use as a traditional telephone, and because it's compatible with Strata® CIX™ system and telephone handsets, the VCS™ offers a very affordable entry point into video communication and collaboration.

Integrated Point-to-Point Three-Party Video Communication and Collaboration

The VCS provides affordable point-to-point, three-party video communication, desktop/application sharing, file transfer, and message board capabilities.  VCS brings Video telephony to Strata IP telephones, digital telephones and SoftIPT® soft phnes by adding video communications to traditional voice conversations.  From the Sessions Member List, users can view all VCS members and can easily select those members they wish to take part in their collaboration sessions.  Users can share their Windows desktop and applications with each other, allowing them to enjoy a multimedia collaboration experience.


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