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Soft IP Telephone (SoftIPT®)

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SoftIPT is Toshiba’s Software-Based Internet Protocol Telephone.  Toshiba supports two Internet Protocols SIP Toshiba Soft IP Telephoneand MEGACO Plus.  SIP protocol, in general, has a small feature set, while MEGACO Plus allows Toshiba to implement all the features found on the desktop telephone to the SoftIPT.  Therefore, the SoftIPT is pretty much a duplicate of your 10-Button desktop digital telephone with all the features intact, whether it’s transferring calls, conferencing, checking voice mail, forwarding calls or messages, etc.  Moreover, the SoftIPT has the added feature of reading the telephone numbers of your contact list in MS Outlook and displaying them for quick dial directly through the SoftIPT.  In addition to installing the SoftIPT on a PC, Toshiba offers the same software for PDA devices, again with all the available features of your desktop telephone, limited only by the PDA’s own operating system and software.

Think of SoftIPT as taking your desktop digital telephone with you when you leave the office.

View SoftIPT Demo (Flash)


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