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The NetPhone is a highly configurable dialer where in addition to dialing phone numbers from MS Outlook, Word, Toshiba (Oaisys) Net PhoneExcel or most any application on your PC, it has programmable buttons to activate programs or initiate calls; it has indicators of peer status, such as: available, away, busy, etc.; it has the ability to initiate "Chat" with peers via instant messenger; it tracks calls history; and it has many other functions expandable to meet design requirements for fully functional Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Call Center systems.  When in the office, the NetPhone connects to your digital desktop phone, so you can use either your PC or digital phone to complete calls initiated or received by NetPhone.  Click on the link above to view the NetPhone presentation, it is about 5 1/2 minues long.


View NetPhone Presentation (opens a new window)


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